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New Mexico Home Appraisal Emulation


New Mexico home appraisal emulation are a powerful valuation tool offering objective and factual information accompanied by experienced opinions. We offer an easy to read report that includes up to 10 sales comparables. The average report is eight pages in length and typically includes the following information indicated below. Note: The availability of information may vary as required by law.

New Mexico home appraisal emulation includes the following:

  • Emulation of conventional appraisal methods
  • Reliable results in 24 business hours
  • Up to 10 comparable sales with a detailed report on each
  • Site information (rooms, living area, lot dimensions, etc.)
  • Prior sales information (last two sales dates, amounts, etc.)
  • Tax assessed values (improvements and land)
  • Owner of record and mailing address
  • Mortgage information (loan amount, interest rate, etc.)
  • See sample report

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